Fee Schedule

Type Fee Per Notes
Alumni Research None varies As a service to alumni and their decedents, no sustained research fees or photographic fees will be charged if the topic of research is an alumn of UW Oshkosh or its predecessor institutions. 
Sustained $10.00  1/2 hr.

Sustained research is defined as activities to discover information that involves going beyond searching invidual indexes to find citations. It involves reviewing records for content, cross referencing other sources, etc. It is distinguished from simple "reference" which is defined as the provision of general information about holdings, simple facts, agency hours and services. Reference service is free.

Fees for sustained research are $10 per half hour of research. Included in this $10 is the first 20 pages of any digital images / photocopies that are requested. After that a charge of $0.25 per page will be imposed.

Photograph $3.00 image

Athough the search for images may include a sustained research fee, preview images (72 dpi, no larger than 3x4 inch) will be made available for free to off-site researchers. Print quality images will be made available in DIGITAL FORM ONLY for $3 per image (providing the University owns copyright to the image). Electronic delivery will be used as the principle delivery mechanism.

UW Oshkosh Archives and ARC does not provide copy negatives or ANY photographic prints.

Audio, Video $10.00 min. varies Fees for copies of audio and video recordings will vary depending on the charges the library incurs from UW Oshkosh media staff or external vendors. Cost to the patron will be the total of those charges plus any sustained research charges incurred